Top Bicep Workout Tips and Techniques for Huge Arms

Published: 29th April 2009
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It is a common myth that bicep muscles can be improved merely by using compound exercising, but this is not necessarily true. Though it is true that isolation work is required by the triceps and bicep muscles during arm workouts, it is also true that an excess of isolation training in a bicep workout is in fact too much of a good thing.

A common mistake that most people are found making is that they allocate far too much time, in the way of angles and exercises, than is actually necessary. Spend a moment to analyse this: arms make up around 5% of the total mass of muscle in one's body, while legs can make up to 50%. So it might be better to think before doing sixteen sets of exercises to train one's arms and only six sets to train one's legs, wouldn't it?

However, the reason most people spend more effort on bicep workouts is because it is almost everyone's desire to have the sort of big, muscular arms that would give you the picture-perfect figure of a muscular bodybuilder. Well, here are a few tips to obtain those muscular arms you want:

Most people imagine that to train one's arms, every possible angle must be used, but this is a ridiculous theory. In fact, the growth of one's arms depends mainly on the burden and maximum muscle recruitment. Genetics also plays an important role.

In order to increase the size of your arm muscles by one or two inches, it is necessary to have a minimum of 10 pounds as the total muscle of the body. This is also related to the earlier mentioned 5% rule. For example, if your back, shoulders, chest and legs are growing larger, there's a good chance of your arms growing as well.

Furthermore, muscular arms aren't just related to calories, but arm growth is also dependent on the optimal hormonal environment resulting from the secretion of the Growth Hormone and even Testosterone in spurts. Hence heavy squats, presses, deads and rows are very important. If you find that in spite of the exercises you perform for to tone your triceps and biceps there is no visible improvement, then return to the basics and focus on the 'majors' and bigger triceps and biceps will soon be coming your way.

A full workout of the body - in addition to a bicep workout - would also be a good idea to improve your squats, presses, deads and rows. Also make sure that you keep two to four sets after each workout to train the arms in a six to ten repeat range.

Assuming you decide that you will train your arms by themselves, remember to set three distinct exercises in three distinct repeat ranges. Also make sure that your bicep workout emphasises different repeats and set schemes, which strain the muscle fibres with intensities of different magnitudes and maximum recruitment.

Make sure that your triceps and biceps get worked. Simply pressing and curling large weights is far from enough for a successful bicep workout, as too many other muscles like the shoulders and back might compensate and perform a large amount of the routine's work instead of the biceps. Swinging weights and cheating are not all there is to a successful bicep workout.

Another thing that one must keep in mind during your workouts is not to overtrain one's arms by using them in every workout. Furthermore, one should not undervalue the stimulation the arm muscles get from focussing on the other major muscle groups. A good test to find out if your workout has been successful is to watch out for soreness in the arms the following day. Be careful about overdoing the cheating techniques during the bicep workout, as the exercises will not work as efficiently as they might and it might not seem like you've even had them trained, the following day.

There is a stress to replace the fluids present within the body due to the fact that a bicep workout causes a large amount of heat, consequently causing an equally large amount of sweat. Obviously, the more a one sweats, the more fluids and other electrolytes are removed from one's body. It is essential for one to restore these fluids along with the electrolytes in order to sustain the balance kept in the body and avoid any damage during the bicep workout.

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