Petite Ankle Tattoo Designs Perfect for Women

Published: 03rd June 2009
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Ankle tattoo designs are one of the most popular and successful of tattoo designs and have been around for quite a while, now. They have even been found in many tribal tattoos. Their popularity can be attributed to a large number of reasons, ranging from how easy they are to conceal, to how sexy they look. They are simple in design, yet can be quite abstract and this has also contributed to their fame. Female ankles seem to work best for ankle tattoo designs and so naturally there is a huge collection of women's ankle tattoo designs. The following article aims on exploring some of these designs.
The tribal ankle tattoo designs are generally created with black ink, but lately different artists of tattoos have begun to create different styles and interpretations. Such designs have been found to represent love and friendship, especially if they're in a heart motif.
Ankle Tattoos Are Easily Hidden
As already mentioned, ankle tattoo designs are easily hidden by wearing a pair of socks or shoes. This could prevent any unwanted embarrassment in places or jobs where tattoos are not considered appropriate. However, where this is not the case, a person could simply remove her socks and don a pair of sandals that look sexy and draws attention to her ankles.
Ankle Tattoo Ideas
Ankle tattoo designs are obviously popular and thus a large number of such designs are available. However, while such designs are a dime a dozen, this just means that a person must be extra careful and keep some things in mind. The first thing to consider while choosing a design is to select one with a symbolic significance. This could be a particularly special flower or it could even be the names of one's children. Some popular ankle tattoo designs include tribal, dolphin, Celtic or Hawaiian tattoos. Whatever be the design, a person would be much happier with it if they spent some time in selecting the design until they are satisfied with it.
Typical Costs
Ankle tattoo designs also have the added advantage of being relatively cheap. If a person is on a budget, then he or she could simply visit a tattoo shop and choose from one of the tattoos they already have there, but this is not advised as most people would like a unique tattoos. Thus, it would be better - albeit a little more expensive - to create one that has some personal significance. The difference in the price would most certainly be compensated by the uniqueness and satisfaction one has for the final result. Ankle tattoo designs are also quite small and thus do not take too long - usually under a few hours - to complete, and their prices could range from fifty to two-hundred dollars.
Tattoo Pain
All tattoos are generally associated with pain, but this pain is relative and different for different people. Some people might find a getting a tattoo nearly painless, while it could be unbearable to another. Thus, judging the pain getting a tattoo would be is not very easy. The key in doing this, however, is to see the thickness of the tissue between the tattoo and the bone. The less this thickness is, the more painful the tattoo would be to get. The converse is also true: thick tissue would be less painful. Thus, while getting arm tattoo designs might be relatively painless, it might be a bit painful to get ankle tattoo designs.

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